Modern Electric is a feminist, multi purpose space serving as a gallery, painting, and drawing studio as well as tattoo salon. 

If you believe that tattooing can be an expression of individuality, healing, or transformation, this is the shop for you.

We understand the power of symbol as an expression of imagination, transformation and creativity.

With the dream of combining tattooing and art, Suzanne opened up Modern Electric Studio in 2007. She was born an artist, but her tattoo career started in San Francisco in 1989 a few years out of art school. She always joked that tattooing would pay for her art addiction.

Suzanne believes a supportive environment is essential in nurturing creativity. In the summer of 2016,  she began to pursue her schooling and painting career, passing the baton of ownership to her apprentice Aaron. Aaron is honored to preserve the culture she has created. As we at Modern Electric carry her vision forward, our goal is to continue providing a safe space and supportive venue that stewards this expression.

This can be felt by each client that walks into Modern Electric.‚Äč

As of May 1, 2016, Modern Electric Studio relocated to 3330 Adeline Street in Berkeley, California.