Natasha has been tattooing professionally for 4 years and is ecstatic to be a member of the Modern Electric family. She especially loves working closely with clients to create sensitive original designs, focusing mainly on black and grey realism and surrealism.

With a deep love for 16th-18th c. European art, Natasha has a BA in the History of Art from UC Berkeley. When not tattooing, she spends the rest of her time oil painting.

You can follow her current works here: https://www.instagram.com/nhannascott/

Sophia has a distinctive style, specializing in hand poke tattoos.  She loves flowers and works near and with them as much as possible. 

Follow her work here: https://www.instagram.com/pio.poke/


guest artist inquiries are welcome at modernelectricians@gmail.com  Our current guest is below.

Suzanne M. Shifflett founded Modern Electric Studio. She  has over 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry. As well as being a tattooist, she is also a fine artist, having shown in many top notch galleries throughout the country. You can see more of her work at smshifflett.com.  Suzanne maintains  limited bookings at the studio while pursuing her MFA in classical oil painting at LCAD. Suzanne's books are open right now.

Tanya Wischerath learned to tattoo under the tutelage of Suzanne. She has won the San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Best of The Bay" award for best tattoo artist for 2013, 2014, and 2015.  Her work was featured in London's National Portrait Gallery's annual BP Portrait Contest tour 2014. See more of her work at tanyawischerath.com.  Tanya splits time between tattooing at Modern Electric and painting in Florence Italy. As of March 2018, Tanya has opened her books for summer.

Astrid is a fine line tattoo artist who specializes in portraiture, figures, and flora. See her work at https://www.instagram.com/astrid.elisabeth/, and contact her at astrid.tattoos@gmail.com.


Regina is a multimedia artist from Mexico City with a background in film and electronic music. They apprenticed at the Rock Shop in Mexico City’s Coyoacan starting at 15 years old. They specialize in line work and blackwork tattoos. Experimental geometry, abstract tattoos and botanical/scientific illustrations are some of their favorite styles.

For them, tattooing is a space of radical vulnerability, in which trust and mutual respect is crucial for artist-client collaboration. Coming from a heavily male dominated tattoo background, creating a safe, judgement-free space for clients to claim ownership of their bodies is a crucial part of their work.

​Rex's books are closed right now. They will reopen in July,

You can be placed on their mailing list for cancellations by visiting their website @ rexttt.com




I am the current steward of the Modern Electric Legacy.  I attended UC Berkeley for undergraduate studies in the practice of Art, during which time I began my apprenticeship with Suzanne and Tanya.  After two years of apprenticeship I was offered the opportunity to take over the business and I humbly accepted.  Moving the shop from San Francisco, I submitted the opening of our East Bay gallery as my UCB senior art project .

As a first year tattooer given the responsibility of owning a shop, especially one with a pedigree as rich as ours, I am not only a leader, but the apprentice of each person who works here.  My job is to learn whatever I can from *every* person that walks through our door, that I may better serve my clients. To this end, Suzanne and Tanya remain my beloved advisers, and traveling masters of Modern Electric Studios

Tayah is only 19 years old, but her career as a tattooer is well underway. Tayah graduated from Oakland School of the Arts, and interned at War Horse Tattoo, opening the door for her apprenticeship here at Modern Electric. Tayah has been an apprentice for just under a year, and is progressing fabulously. With help from her coworkers, Tayah has found her calling in illustrative work for tattooing. She likes to translate her involvement in the queer community into her work. Feeling the lack of accuracy when looking at tattoos depicting women, Tayah makes illustrations of women that aren't specifically for the male gaze. See more of her work here: https://www.instagram.com/fill_in_blancks/