Alex Rae Phelps is a queer, non-binary artist, educator, and vintage fashion enthusiast. Their background in sculpture and sewing informs their delicate hand and three-dimensional interpretation of tattooing. Alex specializes in hand poked, black and white dot work in a variety of styles. When Alex is not tattooing, they can be found mending clothes, swing dancing, and holding their cat. Email them at to book.

Amy was born and raised in the San Francisco, Bay Area.  There, she has studied the fine arts and art history full time through college, and graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor's of Arts degree.  It was then she decided to dedicate her life to one of the most technical forms of art: tattooing.  It is tattooing that she has found her true passion in, and loves collaborating with her clients to create custom and meaningful art that they can wear on their bodies forever.  She has one kitty-child named Luna, and is a huge animal lover (she went vegetarian in 4th grade because of her passion.)  In her free time, she loves adventuring out in nature, doing hot yoga, going to concerts, being with close friends & family, or staying in bed.



I am the current steward of the Modern Electric Legacy.  I attended UC Berkeley for undergraduate studies in the practice of Art, during which time I began my apprenticeship.  After two years  I was offered the opportunity to take over the business and I humbly accepted.  Moving the shop from San Francisco, I submitted the opening of our East Bay gallery as my UCB senior art project .

As a new tattooer given the responsibility of owning a shop, especially one with a pedigree as rich as ours, I am not only a leader, but the apprentice of each person who works here.  My job is to learn whatever I can from *every* person that walks through our door, that I may better serve my community.  ​I only accept clients through in-person inquiry. 


A veteran of the industry, Nicole has owned her own shop, and  is accomplished in all styles.   In particular, she brings a love of large color to her practice.  She now brings her 20 years of experience to our studio.   Contact her for bookings at

Amy Emerald Prindle