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Tattoos & Fine Art







Tica is committed to creating environments in which all clients feel respected and free to express themselves. While tattooing itself may have its risks, the process of getting a tattoo should be an experience in which both the artist and client feel safe and free from judgement, harassment, or discrimination.




Vi is early in their tattooing journey and seeking experience. Vi has been preparing for this endeavor their entire life and are excited to be finally expanding their knowledge to the technical abilities of this craft. They work long-distance with their mentor, Olivia Britz- Wheat of Portland, OR, 




Ethan Van Cleve, a queer trans artist, believes tattoos are one of the most powerful forms of self expression. His illustrative style is inspired by his study of watercolor and theatrical costuming, and love of children's books. Ethan's favorite projects are joyous and wildly colorful, and he is always thrilled to do collaborations, watercolor, florals, fairytale, cartoon and custom pieces. 




Josh Katz is a Queer tattoo and mural artist based in Oakland, CA. His murals focus on portraiture, depicting Queer artists, activists, and icons who inspire him, adorning each of his subjects with detailed flowers and jewels to bring them to life on the wall. He carries that same passion for detail into his black and grey tattooing, and loves to create pieces ranging from portraits to traditional designs like flowers and snakes. 



In 2008, Modern Electric Studio was founded in San Francisco by painter and tattooist Suzanne Shifflett, with the intention of merging the practices of fine art and tattooing.  A private studio, Modern Electric launched the career of legendary painter Tanya Wischerath.  In 2016 Suzanne passed ownership of the shop to her then apprentice Aaron Nassberg.  With the assistance of the UC Berkeley Art Department, Aaron moved Modern Electric Studios to the East Bay to be part of a growing and vibrant arts community.  Aaron has sought to increase the visibility and function of the Gallery aspect of the studio, while still preserving the queer safe and Feminist aspects of its San Francisco roots.  Subsequently, Modern Electric has been instrumental to many of the Bay Area's current renaissance of fine tattooers, particularly in the field of black work.

For interest in booking shows in our gallery, internships, or guest spots, please contact us using our form below. 


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