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Covid-19 Protocol

Click the PDF icon to download and read through our Covid-19 Protocol.

We've always maintained that tattoo shops are one of the safest places to be in a global pandemic, and to that point, our existing protocols didn't require much adjustment once the City of Berkeley gave shops the green light to reopen. 

Things that have changed: 

  • We require that masks be worn within the studio at all times by artists and clients.

  • We will hand you a disposable mask for use during the procedure, which can be worn either in place of, or on top of, your personal mask.


Things that haven't changed: 

  • Our existing methods for sanitization in all of the procedure areas.

  • Our existing methods for cleaning and sanitizing the lobby daily, and between clients.

Questions about our Covid-19 Protocol can also be asked through our Contact form here.

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