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Tattoo Consent Form & Covid Questionnaire

I acknowledge by signing this agreement that I have been given the full opportunity to ask questions about obtaining a tattoo from Modern Electric Studio, and that all questions have been answered to my satisfaction to ensure a legal, safe, and successful tattoo. I specifically acknowledge that I have been advised of the matters set forth below and agree as follows:


  • I understand that tattoos are permanent.

  • I acknowledge that obtaining my tattoo is by my choice alone and I consent to application of the tattoo and to any action or conduct of the employees and/or independent contractors of Modern Electric Studio reasonably necessary to perform the tattoo procedure.

  • I agree to release and forever discharge and hold harmless Modern Electric Studio, it’s workers, volunteers, employees, and independent contractors from any and all claims, damages, and legal action arising or connected in any way with my tattoo, or the procedure and conduct used to apply my tattoo.

  • I understand there is a possibility of infection, allergic reaction, ink blowouts, and/or scarring and I accept the risk.

  • I understand there is a chance I might feel lightheaded, dizzy, and/or faint before, during, or after the procedure. I release Modern Electric Studio and all who work there of all responsibility.

  • I understand and agree to follow all instructions concerning the care of my tattoo. 

  • I realize any skin treatments, laser hair removal, plastic surgery or any other procedure, may adversely affect my tattoo.

  • Once the procedure to clean the skin has started, I will not make contact with the area or the surrounding skin.

  • I agree to allow for artist interpretation. 

  • I agree the said tattoo is correctly drawn, sized, and placed on my body to my specifications.

  • I realize that variations in color and design can occur during application, and as the tattoo heals.

  • I agree that any touch up work needed might be done at my own expense. 

  • I will stay away from anything marked “Employees Only” or “Biohazard.”

  • I will not put my personal belongings on the floor.

  • I understand that the furniture is not secured to the ground and can swivel and/or tip over.

  • I have truthfully represented to Modern Electric Studio that I am over eighteen (18) years of age.

  • I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • I understand there are no refunds.

  • I release all rights to any photograph and/or video taken of me and the tattoo and give consent in advance to their reproduction in print or electronic form.

Please check any of the conditions that may apply to you:

Upload a photo of your ID

Thank you! I'll reach out to you shortly.

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